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Writing Experiences

          I began writing poetry when I was 9 years old. Then a few years later, I wrote a chapter book in a coiled notebook I carried with me to and from school. It was about a young boy who ran away from home to the woods where he was taken care of by a young girl who had also run away to avoid being send to an orphanage. She teaches him how to survive in the woods but some unexpected encounters with a bear brings on a turn of events for these young folks. Maybe someday I will rewrite the story now that I am older!

        More recently, I have done a lot of ghost writing for others in various nonfiction and fiction genres. Some of the books became best sellers. I have also written a biographical memoir for an elderly lady and a photo book for another client. Both were done using photos that I had to edit and sometimes restore to much better condition. In the memoir were several photos taken 150 years or more ago. These I was able to recreate into high definition quality.

        As well, I have done three years of editing for other published authors. I enjoy both activities.

        Some of my short stories have won first, second or third place in contests on  It is the same with several of my poetry. You can see my work at

Some of the most rewarding experiences I have had are when I researched topics I know very little about. I love learning and so researching is always a fun experience for me.